[OPE-L:7014] [OPE-L:506] Re: Re: Kliman on Moseley

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 07:44:07 -0500 (EST)

Fred wrote in [OPE-L:500]:

> You are right that my equation for prices of production (e.g. equation 10
> in my 1993 article that you cite) has no time subscripts. This equation
> is taken from p. 265 of Vol. 3 of the Penguin edition of Capital. There
> we find Marx's own equation for prices of production, very clearly stated:
> The formula that the price of production of a commodity
> = k + p, cost price plus profit, can now be stated more
> exactly; since p = kp' (where p' is the general rate of
> profit), the PRICE OF PRODUCTION = K + KP'. If k = 300
> and p' = 15 per cent, the price of production k + kp" =
> 300 + (300 x .15) = 345. (emphasis added)
> Please note that there are not any time subscripts in Marx's equation,
> either. Nor are there ANY time subscripts in ANY of Marx's many
> discussions of prices of production.

I wonder: when was the use of time subscripts in equations first
introduced? (Paul C?) Was it being used by mathematicians in Marx's

However, even if Marx never used time subscripts in his equations, it
doesn't prove or disprove whether the use of time subscripts (and a
temporal interpretation generally) is consistent or inconsistent with
Marx's theory.

In solidarity, Jerry