[OPE-L:6993] [OPE-L:485] scare quotes; value calculation

David Laibman (DLaibman@brooklyn.cuny.edu)
Tue, 23 Feb 99 19:47:00 EST

Andrew thinks he is being oppressed in some way when *his* sobriquet,
"simultaneist," is put inside quotation marks. Indeed, he feels oppressed by
the mere failure of the "simultaneists" to refuse to accept this designation
which he has conceived for them.

For the record: I do not accept the term "simultaneist" as a valid
characterization of my position in value theory. Moreover, I do not accept
"temporal single system" as an accurate characterization of Andrew's
(although I am happy to use "TSS," since we all know what this refers to).
Responses to attempts at definition and characterization such as
"simultaneist" and "TSS" are useful and important. The attempts themselves
are worthwhile, as are summary evaluations of schools of thought -- although
care must always be used when establishing typologies. When Jerry placed
"simultaneist" in quotes, these are not "scare quotes"; they are (I think;
Jerry can correct me if I am wrong) merely his way of saying that this
characterization, like any other, must be approached critically.

Let's lighten up a bit, folks. If we have to start worrying that a tiny
little " or two is going to be interpreted as a major assault on someone's
life, person or (gasp!) property, we are not going to be at ease in
conversation, and the give-and-take of the list will suffer.

Alan's post [480] is interesting. I want to study it more, and hope to have
some comments eventually.

Best to all,


David Laibman