[OPE-L:6964] [OPE-L:456] Re: stagnation

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 12:28:06 -0500 (EST)

Re posts by David, Alejandro VB, Mike W, and Suzanne:

1) The list will remain operational.

2) As OPE-L is a collaborative project, any major decision -- such as a
decision to shut the list down -- would have to be made by the group
and would not be unilaterally decided upon by myself.

3) I will endeavor to be patient.

4) The current discussion among Andrew K/ Alejandro R/ Allin is a step in
the right direction, IMHO. Additionally, we can pursue Alejandro VB's
suggestions in [OPE-L:450]. E.g. his suggestion that we discuss
members "works-in-progress" would probably lead to many stimulating
and helpful discussions.

5) One of the themes of those who have sent posts on this thread is that
they read and enjoy the postings -- even if they don't have time at
present to more fully participate. This is good -- and, no doubt, they
will again participate when they have more time and/or something to
add to our discussions. Their comments should also be kept in mind by
others on the list. Where else do you have an opportunity to have an
*ongoing* international discussion on controversial topics in
political economy with your peers? Wouldn't it be wasteful to let this
opportunity pass to have your ideas seriously considered by our group?
Also: try to remember when posting that OPE-L is like an iceberg --
the tip above the surface of the ocean is seen but there is a larger
mass below the surface (of those who are reading, considering, and
being influenced by your messages).

In solidarity, Jerry