[OPE-L:6948] [OPE-L:440] At least one marxist accountant

Thu, 18 Feb 1999 18:28:48 -0000

Here are some extra fibres for the thread on accounting:

1) There is at least one marxist accountant (in the sense of discussing
the technical content of accounting theory from a marxist perspective,
as opposed to sociology of the accounting profession, or what might be
called "social relations of accounting):

This is Rob Bryer, who is at Warwick Business School; point your browser


and you should be able to navigate to his contact details and a list of
recent publications

2) The journals "Critical Perspectives on Accounting" and "Accounting
Organizations and Society" publish material which should interest ope-l

3) The following also looks of interest:

Tony Tinker and Marilyn Niemark (1987) "The role of annual reports in
gender and class contradictions at General Motors, 1917-76", Accounting
Organizations and Society, pages 71-88

Tinker is described as an "aggressively marxist accounting scholar" in
David Chioni Moore's article on feminist accounting in Mirowski's book
"Natural images in economic thought"

4) There is a fascinating compendium of material on the history of
accounting and industrialisation, capital's mutually-interdependent
drives for calculation and control, and on the uses of accounting in
justifying the ways of capital to mankind, in

T. Colwyn Jones (1995) "Accounting and the enterprise: a social
analysis" (Routledge)

Julian Wells