[OPE-L:6909] [OPE-L:399] Re: new book by Rosenthal

Wed, 23 Dec 1998 17:30:11 -0000

Comrades may be interested in my review article of this book that
will appear on my web-site, hopefully towards the end of January.
As substantial version as I can get past the editors should then
appear sometime later in the<italic> Cambridge Journal of Economics. </italic>

In the meantime there are developed versions of my 'Commodity
Money' (submitted to<italic> ROPE</italic>) and 'Models without Theory' (to be
published by the <italic>South African Journal of Philsophy </italic>in March(?)
1999) arguments.<italic>

</italic>> John Rosenthal's _<italic>The myth of dialectics: reinterpreting the Marx-
Hegel - relation_</italic> (NY, St. Martin's Press, 253 pages, hardcover,
1998) is now > available.

> > Available in US through St. Martin's [ISBN 0-312-17600-7].
Price: > $US65.00. Available through Macmillan Press Ltd in the
rest of the world. > [ISBN 0-333-69442-2].

> > (NB: [especially in relation to yesterday's post] price of John >
Rosenthal's book)

> > Are there any other new books or publications that we should
be aware > of? > > In solidarity, Jerry > >

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