[OPE-L:21] [OPE-L:386] THE YEAR IN REVIEW [1997]

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Wed, 9 Dec 1998 11:04:43 -0500 (EST)

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@@@ o In January, 1997 there were 48 list members @@@
@@@ @@@
@@@ o By years end, we have 59 list members @@@
@@@ @@@
@@@ o Participation by current members: 54 of 59 (91.5%) @@@
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@@@ o There were 1,940 posts written in 1997 @@@
@@@ [average of over 5.3 posts/day] @@@
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%%%%% %%%%%
%%%%%%%%% >>> * SUMMARY REVIEW BY MONTH * <<< %%%%%%%%%
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o Participation: 24 of 46 (52.2%)
o Amount of posts: 215
o Additions: none
o Most frequent posters: Andrew K, Jerry, John, Michael P, Alejandro R
o Most discussed topics were "depreciation" and "negative surplus value".

o Participation: 16 of 45 (35.5%)
o Amount of posts: 136
o Additions: none
o Most frequent posters: Jerry, Alejandro R, Andrew K, John, Duncan, Allin
o Topic discussed at greatest length was "depreciation".

o Participation: 30 of 49 (61.2%)
o Amount of posts: 363
o Additions: Michio Akama, Ajit Sinha, Persefoni Tsaliki, Lefteris
o Most frequent posters: Jerry, Alejandro R, Ajit, Andrew K, Mike L
o Most discussed topics included "Mandel vs. Baran-Sweezy", "Marx's
Unpublished Writings", "Problems in V3", K-M [Kliman-McGlone]
Interpretation of the Transformation Problem", "Sraffa: a Marxist
economist?", "Duncan's Vintages", and "Four-Cornered Triangle".

o Participation: 25 of 54 (46.3%)
o Amount of posts: 255
o Additions: Samir Amin, Francisco Paolo Cipolla, Claus Magno Germer,
Paolo Giussani, Philippe Van Parijs
o Most frequent posters: Jerry, Ajit, Mike W, Andrew K, Paul C
o Subjects discussed at length included "Value vs. Potential Value",
"Real Wages and the Rate of Surplus Value", "Query re use-value of

o Participation: 19 of 54 (35.2%)
o Amount of posts: 258
o Additions: Reinaldo Carcanholo
o Most frequent posters: Jerry, Mike W, Chai-on, Ajit, Riccardo, Andrew K
o Major threads included: "Ideal vs. real value", "RRI and the Rate of
Profit", "Sraffa's Non-Proof".

o Participation: 25 of 55 (45%)
o Amount of posts: 157
o Most frequent posters: Andrew K, Jerry, Duncan, Mike W, Ajit
o Additions: Suzanne de Brunhoff
o Thread discussed most was "x + a = revenue".

o Participation: 12 of 55 (21.8%)
o Amount of posts: 42
o Additions: none
o Most frequent posters: Jerry, Duncan, Hans

o Participation: 11 of 55 (20%)
o Amount of posts: 41
o Additions: none
o Most frequent posters: Duncan, Ajit
o Thread discussed most was "Luxury goods and profit rate".

o Participation: 37 of 55 (67%)
o Amount of posts: 156
o Additions: none
o Most frequent posters: Andrew K, Paul C, Jerry, Ajit, John, Alejandro R
o Topics discussed at great length included "luxury goods and profit
rate", "humbug aggregate price-value correlations, and "Jerry Levy".
The "Jerry Levy" thread concerned the health of the "owner" who
suffered a heart attack on 8/28. (Jerry's health has been recovering
steadily since that time. He, once again, expresses his gratitude to
all those who sent encouraging "get well" messages).
o There was a procedural discussion on a "proposal on archives." There was
substantial disagreement on what to do about the archives and no
decision was reached.

o Participation: 23 of 55 (42%)
o Amount of posts: 94
o Additions: none
o Most frequent posters: Andrew K, Alejandro R, Jerry, Allin, Paul C
o Most discussed topic was "Price-Value Correlations".
o In the early part of the month the "anthrax" server at CSU was retired
and replaced by the "galaxy" server. In the transition, we lost our
beloved header/post ID# system. Hopefully, it will return soon.

o Participation: 21 of 57 (36.8%)
o Amount of posts: 104
o Additions: Jurriaan Bendien, Bill Cochrane
o Most frequent posters: Duncan, Jerry, Fred, Paul C, Alfredo

o Participation: 21 of 59 (35.6%)
o Amount of posts: 120
o Additions: Chris Arthur, Terrence Mc Donough
o Most frequent posters: Jerry, Paul C, Jurriaan, Allin, Andrew K
o Subjects discussed at greatest length included "Commodity Money" and
"Contemporary Social Formations".



(1) As can be readily seen from the above, there were large variations in
the quantity of posts/month. The explanation for this is partially
the following: this list is overwhelmingly, although not
exclusively, made up of academics and, consequently, volume tended
to diminish sharply during the summer months (June, July, August)
and the winter break (December, January) when many members have
vacations and/or attend conferences.

(2) An examination of the yearly review for 1996 (see [OPE-L:3913]) shows
quite clearly that there has been a significant decline in activity
in 1997. For purposes of comparison, there were 3,139 posts written
in 1996 (a daily average of over 8.5). Monthly participation rates
also experienced a significant decline on average.

(3) There have been 5,873 posts sent since we began in 9/95. The average
monthly volume over these 28 months has been 210 posts.

(4) A geographic distribution of the current membership by country

%%% %%%
%%% Australia - 2 Japan - 4 %%%
%%% Belgium - 1 Korea - 3 %%%
%%% Bolivia - 1 Mexico - 2 %%%
%%% Brazil - 6 Netherlands - 2 %%%
%%% Canada - 2 New Zealand - 1 %%%
%%% France - 1 Senegal - 1 %%%
%%% Greece - 3 United Kingdom - 9 %%%
%%% Ireland - 1 United States - 18 %%%
%%% Italy - 2 Total: 59 %%%
%%% %%%

(5) The above does not do justice to the wide range of topics that
we discussed in 1997. For further information, please refer to
the monthly reviews.

OVERALL, 1997 was a *slower but very successful* year for our list.

* We had serious and engaged discussions on many important subjects.
Often, threads would continue over a period of many months.

* Although discussions were frequently very intense, "flames" were
_extremely_ rare. The respectful and collegial form of our
discussions stands in stark contrast to the norm on most other
Internet mailing lists.

* Participation rates were lower than in 1996 but were still very
high compared to other Net lists.

* As the year progressed, we became a much more *international* list in
which many more perspectives among Marxists were represented.

* The "attrition rate" was very low in 1997: 45 of the 48 subscribers
who were on the list in 1/97 are still on the list today.

I do not believe it is an exaggeration to say that we have the best, most
diverse, and international gathering of Marxists every assembled to
discuss issues in advanced political economy. Unlike a conference, though,
our discussions just keep going on and on and on .... It is my
hope that we will be able to discuss more "extending Marx" questions in
1998. I would also like to see us increase our volume (not too
dramatically) and monthly participation rates (perhaps to what they were
in 1996). We should also try harder to collectively participate in the
list decision-making. As before, OPE-L remains a collaborative project.
We will need the participation and good faith of all to continue to make
the upcoming year's activities successful.


In solidarity, Jerry