[OPE-L:136] [OPE-L:363] THIS MONTH IN REVIEW [4/96]

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Wed, 9 Dec 1998 10:54:15 -0500 (EST)

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Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 03:38:51 -0700
Subject: [OPE-L:2044] THIS MONTH IN REVIEW [4/96]

We now have 38 subscribers. This month began with OPE-L #1659 [!].


In many ways, the focus in April was on *definitions*, the *accumulation
of capital*, *subjectivity*, and *money*.

Some of the major topics that we discussed at length this month that were
not carry-overs from previous months included:

* Defining and understanding accumulation [also includes original
accumulation of capital; accumulation of capital and imperialism;
accumulation and natural conditions; necessity of absolute surplus
value] (-87- posts);

* Definitions and subject matter [includes petty commodity production,
theory and history] (-28- posts);

* Definitions of value [arose out of accumulation thread] (-37- posts);

* Subjectivity [also arose out of accumulation thread; includes
depreciation, profits, and subjectivity] (-35- posts);

* Electronic money [also includes gold, credit-money and fictitious
capital from the early part of the month] (-66- posts).

We also continued to discuss the following two threads which were
initiated several months ago:

* the "transformation problem", especially the TSS and SSS
interpretations of Marx [also includes transforming the
transformation] (-33- posts);

* price-value equivalence and Ch. 5, VI [better known this month as
"actually existing capitalism", "surprising agreement", etc.] (-23-

Additionally, we discussed more briefly a number of other topics, perhaps
best called "digressions", including:

* do houses depreciate?
* quote on value (and "translators lot is not a happy one");
* quiz answers (see Riccardo's #1974, dated 4/26);
* Windows NT or OS/2 Warp?;

II. Procedural Discussions

The *only* procedural post was my #1794, dated 4/15, which concerned
possible uses for the new lists (EM-L and CAP-L).

III. Outstanding Issues

* We should decide how we want to use EM-L and CAP-L. We should
discuss this question more. This is the second month where this has
appeared as an "outstanding" (i.e. unresolved) issue.

* Where do we go from here regarding new and old threads? Please make
suggestions. It seems to me that, while the discussion this month
has been very lively and thought-provoking, it could be more *focused*.
In particular, I suggest that members pose specific and clearly-framed
topics for discussion and that we attempt to, over time, bring some
sort of "closure" to debates once members understand all of the
issues and have had an opportunity to make their positions clear.

OVERALL, this was a *transitional* month in which we intensely discussed
a number of "new" issues (described above) and continued to discuss a
couple of outstanding threads from previous months. I believe that we
should try, where possible, to work towards "closure" on the older threads.
We need, once again, to select new issues and discuss them with the same
level of intensity, seriousness, and engagement that OPE-L has become
famous for.

In OPE-L Solidarity,