[OPE-L:134] [OPE-L:362] THIS MONTH IN REVIEW [3/96]

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Wed, 9 Dec 1998 10:53:51 -0500 (EST)

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Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 04:09:46 -0800
Subject: [OPE-L:1649] THIS MONTH IN REVIEW [3/96]

We now have 36 list members. This month began with OPE-L #1267.

There was intense activity during the beginning and end of March with a
"lull" in the middle as many listmembers went to the mini-conference on
value in Boston.

I am not including a "Index" for this month (it takes too much time to
put together).


The overwhelming bulk of posts written in March concerned the following
five topics (all but the last continued from February):

* valuation of constant capital and moral depreciation (-47- posts);

* the "transformation problem", especially the TSS and SSS
interpretations of Marx (-115- posts!);

* price-value equivalence and Ch. 5, VI [better known this month as
"capitalism as an organic system" and "surprising agreements"] (-33-

* gold, credit-money, and fictitious capital (-43- posts);

* math, methodology, and political economy [including "quizes"] (-58-

Additionally, we discussed more briefly other topics such as:

* international value (continued from February);
* testing LTV with I/O;
* let's look at value anew;
* value theory and levels of analysis;
* teaching technique;
* space and time;
* definitions of accumulation.

II. Procedural Discussions

We had quite a few procedural discussions this month which concerned:

* a visa exclusion for a person from the U.K. who wanted to attend the
mini-conference on value in Boston. A proposal was made that we draft
a public statement in support of that person (see #1438; 1445; and
#1563 especially). That proposal met with overwhelming support from
listmembers, but we are waiting for further information from the
person involved before proceeding.

* I made a proposal in #1273 that we make our archives
publicly-available. That proposal met with a mixed response. There was
enough sentiment, IMO, that the archives should remain closed that the
proposal was de facto defeated.

* a sub-committee discussed the technical aspects of establishing a
duplicate archives site. Iwao now has OPE-L archives at his Web site.
See Iwao's #1608 and my #1614, both dated March 28, for more
information on alternative ways of accessing the archives.

* As reported in #1532 on March 21, we now have two closed "sister"
lists: EM-L (Ernest Mandel/Extending Marx) and CAP-L (Capital).
Possible uses for these lists include: a seminar list, a list like
OPE-L for the "overflow", i.e. future admissions, and a "utility"
list. There was some discussion on how to use these lists, but not
much yet.

III. Outstanding Issues

* We still have to decide what to do specifically regarding the visa
exclusion case (discussed above). We are currently waiting for further
communication via Alan the person involved.

* We should decide how we want to use EM-L and CAP-L. We should
discuss this question more. There seems to be agreement that one of
those lists should be used as a seminar list. *If* that is the case, we
should hear proposals for seminar topics in the next few months and
proceed with making a tentative calendar.

* Where do we go from here regarding new and old threads? I ask, once
again, that listmembers make suggestions for topics to be discussed.

OVERALL, we accomplished a lot this month. We made decisions as a group
(e.g. concerning the visa exclusion case and the archives), we discussed
many important and substantive threads, and we created new vehicles
(i.e. EM-L and CAP-L) for future use. We are acting more as a
collaborative project, IMO, and -- as before -- we need to continue to
select important issues and discuss them with the same high level of
engagement and seriousness.

In OPE-L Solidarity,