[OPE-L:95] [OPE-L:331] Re: Re: quotation madness!

Ajit Sinha (ecas@cc.newcastle.edu.au)
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 14:54:22 +1100

I don't know what is the problem, but it is driving me crazy! My sense is
that whenever Paul is trying to respond, the system deletes his message and
sends the old post back. But I have received private mail from him with no
problem. So it seems the problem somehow lies with his connection with
ope-l. Paul, why don't you send a private message to Jerry or somebody and
see what happens. Cheers, ajit sinha
At 22:26 9/11/98 +0000, you wrote:
>>Paul Z,
>>What's up?? We've had half a dozen postings consisting of the same
>>quotation from Gerry, at progressively deeper levels of apparent
>>citation. Your email client seems to be seriously on the fritz - or is
>>it the listserv?
>>Allin Cottrell.