[OPE-L:82] [OPE-L:318] Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: *REMINDER* re archives proposal

Mon, 09 Nov 1998 21:41:54

>>>>>In [OPE-L:271], I proposed that we make a decision on or near
>>>>> ***November 15***
>>>>>concerning Duncan's proposal to open the archives. The relevant section
>>>>>of Duncan's [OPE-L:230] is attached below.

>>>>>***If no one objects to the proposal by November 15, I am going to
>>>>> conclude that we have consensus to open the archives as Duncan
>>>>> proposed***.

>>>>>The only remaining questions would then be how best to do it: e.g. how
>>>>>access to the archives should be changed technically; how and to whom --
>>>>>i.e. which lists -- this decision should be communicated to). I expect
>>>>>that these residual questions can be resolved relatively quickly.

>>>>>If you have objections to the proposal, ***PLEASE SPEAK NOW***.

>>>>>In Solidarity, Jerry

>>>>>>From Duncan's [OPE-L:230]
>>>>>> I'd like to see the archives opened with some simple, enforceable, and
>>>>>> easily understandable policy that would let people see what's being said
>>>>>> and protect against the possible misuse of the material for quotation. I
>>>>>> guess my favorite idea is a "Bourbaki" kind of policy in which people can
>>>>>> quote the archive as much as they want to, but only cite it as OPE-L
>>>>>> generically, so that no member of the list has to defend every word that he
>>>>>> or she posts. This is simple, and I don't see any particular flaw in it,
>>>>>> though it would also prevent individual members of the list from claiming
>>>>>> polemical credit for particular exchanges, as well. But it would get the
>>>>>> ideas out in the public domain.