[OPE-L:36] [OPE-L:265] Re: Alienation - new and old references

C. J. Arthur (cjarthur@pavilion.co.uk)
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 11:37:44 +0000

>What are the most important books/articles on Marx concept of alienation?
>What has been written the last ten - fifteen years?
>I am interested in all aspects/interpretations.
>Thanks in advance
>Anders Ekeland

The topic is so unfashionable I do not believe that there has been anything
since my own book: *Dialectics of Labour* C. J. Arthur (Blackwell 1986).
Prior to that we have in the 70s
I. Meszaros *Marx's Theory of Alienation* (Merlin 1970)
R, Schacht *Alienation* 1970
B. Ollman *Alienation* (Cambridge 1971)
There is an article in Bottomore's *Dictionary of Marxist Thought* by Petrovic.
L. Colletti, and after him C. Napoleoni, made connections between alienated
labour and abstract labour.

Chris A