[OPE-L:28] [OPE-L:251] Feeling like I am in a war zone

Thu, 29 Oct 1998 09:19:21

The Western NY press, especially the Buffalo Evening News, has the murder of
abortion provider Dr. Barnett Slepian as large front page news everyday and
2-3 full inside pages. In today's paper his wife is quoted as saying among
other things that if she had known what was going to happen, she still would
have wanted him to continue providing abortions. Dr. Slepian had great
personal integrity and his clinic was the only one in Buffalo which provided
services to the poor. For the time being, out-of-town doctors have flown in
to offer services in his stead. A rally is planned for Saturday, as I
previously posted (yes, I know this list is not typically for such

Anyway, frankly, I just cannot handle theoretical discussions at this time
(it has an air of unreality to me). Thus, I am sorry, but I cannot now
follow the Chapter 1 discussions or what to do with the archives issues. I
am not implying criticism of anyone of this list (I have done my own
theortical discussions)--just stating where I am at, feeling I am in a war