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Bill Cochrane (billc@waikato.ac.nz)
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 08:16:10 +1200

The only thing I know about these guys is that they have a website at
http://www.angelfire.com/co/socialism/recall, of their discussion, a statement of intent, subscription
information. Seemingly it is a sublist of lennist-international and is
moderated by Jim Hiller and someone called Sven Buttler.
Bill Cochrane
>Does anyone (e.g. Hans? ... Bill C?) know anything
>about the li-crg (Leninist-International Capital Reading Group) list? Who
>are the participants? What are they discussing?
>In solidarity, Jerry
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>Welcome to the Leninist-International Capital Reading Group
>The Capital Reading Group has been formed in order to study
>Karl Marx's "Das Kapital", one of the most important=20
>theoretical works in the history of marxism - and surely one of the
>most challenging, too. Revealing the inner mechanisms of capitalism
>Marx equiped the workers with a powerful weapon which even today -
>round about 100 years after Marx's death - hasn't lost it's meaning and
>importance for the workers' movement.
>The Capital Reading Group is a virtual seminar which is open to=20
>anyone interested in advancing his understanding of political economy.=20
>Especially younger militants are welcome for we are going to start=20
>from the very roots.=20
>Starting off with volume 1 chapter 1 we will step by step,=20
>sentence by sentence go through all the three volumes and
>develop our understanding of Marx's analysis of capitalism
>and political economy.
>Some comrades on this new list will have read the Capital
>already, some may have touched the issue peripherally, some
>haven't read it at all. We want to have it this way. What we don't
>want to have here on CRG are time-wasters, insults and flame wars.
>We can do without that. We will do without it.
>To make the CRG a success we need to read Capital in a fresh way, we
>need to read it dialectically; we need to read it on a scientific basis=20
>for Marxism is a science. And we need to read it critically for we are=20
>Marxist and should never be afraid of changing our views. We will
>read Capital with revolutionary spirit.
>The CRG is a sublist of Leninist-International.
>Jim Hillier
>Sven Buttler