[OPE-L:6626] [OPE-L:87] Welcome to li-crg

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 11:47:37 -0400 (EDT)

Does anyone (e.g. Hans? ... Bill C?) know anything
about the li-crg (Leninist-International Capital Reading Group) list? Who
are the participants? What are they discussing?

In solidarity, Jerry

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Welcome to the Leninist-International Capital Reading Group

The Capital Reading Group has been formed in order to study Karl Marx's "Das Kapital", one of the most important=20 theoretical works in the history of marxism - and surely one of the most challenging, too. Revealing the inner mechanisms of capitalism Marx equiped the workers with a powerful weapon which even today - round about 100 years after Marx's death - hasn't lost it's meaning and importance for the workers' movement.

The Capital Reading Group is a virtual seminar which is open to=20 anyone interested in advancing his understanding of political economy.=20 Especially younger militants are welcome for we are going to start=20 from the very roots.=20

Starting off with volume 1 chapter 1 we will step by step,=20 sentence by sentence go through all the three volumes and develop our understanding of Marx's analysis of capitalism and political economy.

Some comrades on this new list will have read the Capital already, some may have touched the issue peripherally, some haven't read it at all. We want to have it this way. What we don't want to have here on CRG are time-wasters, insults and flame wars. We can do without that. We will do without it.

To make the CRG a success we need to read Capital in a fresh way, we need to read it dialectically; we need to read it on a scientific basis=20 for Marxism is a science. And we need to read it critically for we are=20 Marxist and should never be afraid of changing our views. We will read Capital with revolutionary spirit.

The CRG is a sublist of Leninist-International.

Jim Hillier Sven Buttler Moderators