[OPE-L:6621] [OPE-L:82] Re: the list

Fri, 28 Aug 1998 13:03:47 EDT

Dear all,

First, to Jerry - sorry about the boat! The shipwreck was really dramatic, and
I am glad you are OK. And congratulations on your continuing recovery!

Second, the list. I think that the list has helped us to advance a lot on the
analysis of fundamental Marxian concepts, especially value. We talked a lot
about them, moved on, then returned to them, and I think that most of us have
already said what we had to say. I think that we should congratulate the
active participants for their contribution, admit that differences of opinion
will continue to exist, and move on.

I can think of two important lines of debate which need a Marxian
intervention, the 'globalisation' of trade and finance, and the growing
international financial crisis. These are very topical issues, which are
particularly difficult to discuss because they cannot be solved by recourse to
quotations from Marx. However, they are immensely important to everyone. The
debate on the list may even stimulate members to publish papers that challenge
the conventional views, which would be a wonderful contribution of the list to
the on-going polemics.

Of course, this proposal does not imply that I have a clear understanding of
what is going on, and I am certainly not volunteering to 'lead' the debate.
But I'm sure that I'd profit from it immensely. What do people think?