[OPE-L:6620] [OPE-L:81] Re: Re: Shipwrecked!

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 07:57:34 -0400 (EDT)

I. I thank all of you who have written private messages and/or posts
about the loss of "Bon Copain". Of course, it (i.e. the whole
situation) is depressing, but I'll be OK -- I'm a survivor (more
later). My poor boat is still on the stone jetty outside the entrance
to Cuttyhunk awaiting "wreckage removal". They will most likely
raise her with a crane, lift her onto a barge, and then take her
across Buzzard's Bay to Fairhaven (the strong winds and storm surge
from "Hurricane Bonnie" have delayed this process). She will never
sail again.

II. A year ago today *I* was on the rocks. I had a massive heart attack,
at age 43, and came close to dying. I spent six days in critical
care at a hospital and have been recovering since. Today marks an
important milestone since -- statistically -- all of the odds for
recovery increase dramatically if you can survive the first year
after a heart attack. I have every reason, therefore, to believe
that I will have many years more with which I can voyage and become
engaged in political struggles.

Now to list concerns ...

III. Let's begin by giving Barkley Rosser access to the archives ... Does
anyone object?

IV. If others, like Mike L, think that Barkley should be invited to join
the list, we can do that also. If you have any thoughts on that
matter, please address them to me off-list.

V. We are going to continue to have to deal with situations like this on
a case-by-case basis until we adopt a policy regarding access to
the archives. This is a real distraction for us and a very strong
reason to re-consider opening the archives.

VI. If one looks at the numbers of posts and participation rates for the
last 6 months or more, there is reason to believe that the list
itself is on the rocks and in danger of sinking. As we enter
September, we should give some consideration to how we can save this
vessel so that we can continue to voyage to uncharted theoretical
horizons. We have all benefited greatly from our association with
this list and we should do what is necessary to ensure our future

I am unclear why the list has been in the doldrums. Perhaps it's
"middle age" (we are almost 3 years old). There may be other reasons.
In any event, let's talk about what we can do to get back on course.

In solidarity, Jerry