[OPE-L:6610] [OPE-L:71] Re: Rosser on closed archives

JERRY LEVY (jlevy@sescva.esc.edu)
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 20:50:51 -0400

From: SMTP%"rosserjb@jmu.edu" 20-AUG-1998 15:44:01.60
To: jlevy@sescva.esc.edu
Subj: OPE-L archives

Am officially requesting access to OPE-L archives. No,
I am not requesting to join the list. Learned long ago not
to try too hard to get in where I am not welcome, for
whatever reason. But I understand that there are
debates over the TSS there that I would be curious to see.
I do not understand why the archives are closed, especially
when there are people going around writing papers that cite
discussions that are located there.
Hope you've had fun sailing and have had a good summer.
Barkley Rosser

Rosser Jr, John Barkley

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