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Andrew Kliman (Andrew_Kliman@email.msn.com)
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 23:33:10 -0400

I think listmembers might be interested in the following,
which Barkley Rosser recently posted to another list.


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Date: Thursday, August 13, 1998 3:05 PM
Subject: Re: Krugman on Marx

Anyway, I note that Ian Steedman's _Marx After Sraffa_
used the Sraffa critique to attack the standard
interpretation of the Marxian LTV. In response to that
there have been a variety of efforts by people such as
Dumenil, Alain Liepitz, Duncan Foley, Antonio Callari, Alan
Freeman and Guglielmo Carchedi (and their authors,
including Andrew Kliman), and some others to develop an
internally consistent Marxian LTV. Without going into the
details (which would give Dough apoplexy), I note that this
involves both reintroducing money in a more central way and
also explicitly introducing dynamics. There are
disagreements among those attempting this, which I presume
are fought out on OPE-L, to whose archives I, like
evcrybody else, remain non-privy too.
In terms of empirical tests, obviously one has to be
very clear about just which version/interpretation of the
LTV one is testing before one attempts to draw any
Barkley Rosser

Rosser Jr, John Barkley