[OPE-L:6578] [OPE-L:43] Marxists on International Economics: a student query

Michael Williams (Michael@mwilliam.u-net.com)
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 11:13:48 +0000

I was recently asked the following by a graduate student working on
his MA dissertation:

> i came across some mainstream analysis of the
> relation between an appreciation of the exchange rate and the
> current account and how expansionary fiscal policy would impact on
> these two variables etc., in short, basically all the hydraulic
> mechanisms expressed in the Mundell-Flemming model. I wondered how
> Marxists approach these issues, especially changes in the exchange
> rate, etc. Would you mind giving me some hints or basic reading
> tips.

I have done what I can for him. Does anyone have any other hints or
reading for him? (He reads German as well as English.)


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