[OPE-L:6574] [OPE-L:39] Re: An inquiry

Alejandro Valle Baeza (valle@servidor.unam.mx)
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 13:14:15 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 11 Jun 1998, Gerald Levy wrote:

> There are two answers to the following inquiry:
> 1) Listproc was down for a substantial portion of this month.
> 2) Subscribers haven't been sending posts.
> We can't do anything about 1) but we can do something about 2).
> What would you like to discuss?

Jerry, I think it would be interesting to discuss about:

a) Recent developments on Marxian Theory of crisis.
b) Unequal exchange.

In CJE of Nov. 97 Glyn et al showed recent trends of rate of profit. There
were a substantial recovery in rate of profit for some leading countries.
However, are starting a new world economic crisis drived by Asian
Are there new Marxian articles about unequal exchange?

In solidarity
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