[OPE-L:6524] IWGVT 99 Value Conference Call; sorry for any crossposts

Alan Freeman (a.freeman@greenwich.ac.uk)
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 06:48:44 +0200

Please forward to interested parties:
1999 Value Theory Mini-Conference: Deepening The Dialogues
Boston Park Plaza Hotel, March 12-14 1999

We invite you to the sixth "New Directions in Value/Price Theory"
mini-conference, organized by the International Working Group on Value
Theory (IWGVT), to be held as part of the Eastern Economic Association
(EEA) conference, March 12-14, 1999, at the Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, USA.
Proposals for complete panels or individual papers relating to the IWGVT's
areas of interest are welcome. A summary of our aims and history, our
scholarship guidelines, and full instructions on paper submissions, may be
accessed on our web-site or obtained by mailing us.

Our major objective is to deepen the dialogues begun in our first five
conferences, especially in 1998 when several new discussions were
initiated. To encourage direct engagement between theoretical perspectives
and in-depth examination of existing controversies, at the 1999 conference:

* Panelists will present completed papers only (except at roundtables),
which will be circulated to panelists well before the conference to allow
for comment and engagement.

* To foster pluralistic and critical dialogue, papers will conform to IWGVT
scholarship guidelines

* A 15-minute norm for presentations will allow for more dialogue

* Discussants will deliver prepared comments on papers in selected sessions

* A reception will facilitate informal discussion and socializing

To deepen existing discussions we are departing from a common academic
practice: we strongly encourage papers that revisit contributions at past
IWGVT mini-conferences, particularly 1998. Can you say something you've
already said more effectively? If so, we will do our best to ensure it is
listened to.

Proposals for complete sessions or abstracts of individual papers are
welcome from May 1st onwards and we will respond with provisional
indication of acceptance or rejection. However final acceptance is
conditional on provision of a completed paper for which the deadline is
November 1st. The final list of sessions will also depend on receipts of
completed papers.

To contact us

For further information e-mail us at value.theory@greenwich.ac.uk , also
the address for papers and proposals, or check out our web-site on
www.greenwich.ac.uk/~fa03/iwgvt. Full details of submission procedures,
and information on the IWGVT, is available on these sites. GIVEN THE

The conference committee

The conference committee has been enlarged and consists of:

Paul Cooney (pcooney@praxisconsulting.com)
Alan Freeman (a.freeman@greenwich.ac.uk)
Andrew Kliman (Andrew_Kliman@classic.msn.com)
Julian Wells: (Julian_Wells@compuserve.com)

We can all be contacted for informal discussion or clarification but all
formal communication should use the conference mailbox above.