[OPE-L:6499] Anders Ekeland

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 19:15:55 -0400 (EDT)

Today we added our first member from Scandanavia, Anders Ekeland from

Anders describes himself, and his interests, in the following:

My name is Anders Ekeland. I am Norwegian, 43 years old.

I work in a small (15 people) contract research group, The STEP-group
(Studies in Technology and Economic Policy). The group is doing empirical
stuff with a Schumpeterian/Evolutionary flavour. The group has good
connections to SPRU (UK) and MERIT (The Netherlands).

Most of my work has been labour market studies based on large
administrative registers, using "Event History Analysis" models. I have
been taking part in programming a commercial program doing such analysis,
called EVENT (of course). Programmed in Delphi.

I graduated from the Economics Dept. of the University of Oslo, 1990. Wrote
my thesis on the problem of homogenous labour in Marxian Economics (in
Norwegian, not published). Still very interested in that topic. Which is in
my opinion more fundamental than the transformation problem, and involves
more thinking about basic concepts and less distracting linear algebra.

I am very interested in all aspects of Marxian Economics. I really think we
need a continuous time, dynamic formulation, that is we need a
computer-based Economic modelling program. The complex dynamics of Marx
can only be studied by means of simulation/numerical solutions. I would
be very interested in getting in contact with like-minded people. So far
I have only seen Alan Freeman's program - a good start, but still too
limited. What programs are you using?


Anders: welcome aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry