[OPE-L:6495] Non-Capital and Variable Capital

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 07:54:32 -0400 (EDT)

This is just a brief message to note that I (regretfully) have not had
time yet and do not expect to have time (for over a week) to answer the
posts on this subject by Jurriaan [on 4/16] and Claus [4/18].

Short answers to Claus's questions:
1) V28 of the _Collected Works_ is part of the _Grundrisse_.
2) "archiotronic" can be interpreted as "logical design structure" (e.g.
"what was the role of _Capital_ in the archiotronics of the

For the same reason, I am unable to answer Eduardo's posts [4/18; 4/21] on
"Competition and equalization of profit rates". I will say, though, by way
of a prelude to an answer, that even though terms like "market structure",
"market power", "entry barriers", and "oligopolies" were developed by
neoclassical economists, this does not mean that we should not use these
terms. btw, "product differentiation" was a term used by those same
economists, yet it represents a important difference in the form of
competition that Marx did not write about (because of the historical
period in which he lived). The point, to modify Jurriaan's dictum
somewhat, is to both understand and transcend Marx.

More when I have some more time.

In solidarity, Jerry