[OPE-L:6446] Re: Variable capital response to Aduardo

C. J. Arthur (cjarthur@pavilion.co.uk)
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 14:04:12 +0100

Continuing the discussion with Eduardo
Ah now i see there is a real disagreement.

>Eduardo commennts:
> Labor is not value, it is the use-value of the commodity
>LP. Therefore labour creates value but it is not itself value. I disagree
>only in relation to variable capital. It seems to me that our disgreement
>concerns the categoty of variable capital. Whereas for you, as I intrepret,
>variable capital is the money advanced to buy LP, for myself it is labor
>(the use value of LP) which is really variable capital.

I cannot accept this definition of varable capital. You accept living
labour is not value. But variable capital is a value form. Hence it cannot
be 'the use value of LP'. The most I concede is that living labour is 'form
determined' by capital - there are things about a factory that are
inexplicable until one relaises it is a capitalist factory.

Chris A