[OPE-L:6432] Re: Re: Two Rates of Profit

Ajit Sinha (ecas@cc.newcastle.edu.au)
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 16:23:19 +1000


Sorry for the delayed response. I don't think we can keep back and forth on
this issue for ever. My basic point is that the concept of Marx's prices of
production is the same as Ricardo's prices of production or natural prices
of classical economics in general. I gave you a quotation to this respect
from Marx to which you did not comment. Now, from that point of view your
basic position about the nature of Marx's transformation problem would be
false. On the general problem with TSS's understanding of the
transformation problem you can refer to my debate with Andrew. And Alan and
you had also participated to some extent. Nobody has been able to respond
to my critique yet. If you want to defend TSS, then you will have to pick
up from there. Anyway, I found SOME other references for you, whichI hope
would be helpful.

Schefold, B. 1971. Different forms of technical progress. ECONOMIC JOURNAL
86, 806-19.

----. 1979. Capital, growth and definition of technical progress. KYKLOS,
32, 235-50.

----. 1980. Von Neumann and Sraffa: mathematical equivalence and conceptual
difference. ECONOMIC JOURNAL 90, 140-56.

----. 1985. Sraffa and applied economics: joint production. POLITICAL

Cheers, ajit sinha