[OPE-L:6406] Re: What do you teach in your Micro and IO classes?

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 15:29:49 -0500 (est)

Continuing the discussion with Ted:

> I think what you did by listing several alternatives was very
> helpful for thinking about what alternatives are out there. How long
> did it take you? It took me a few moments to read.

It was just a preliminary listing that came immediately to mind. Of
course, immediately after I sent my post others came to mind, e.g. the
_MR_ (Baran-Sweezy-Foster) school.

> I learned of the existence of at
> least one alternative that I may not have known of. Let me ask you,
> what is "Open Marxism"?

Harry Cleever, Antonio Negri, John Holloway, Simon Clarke, Werner Bonefeld
... AND our own Massimo De Angelis are "Open Marxists". For a relatively
recent reference see Werner Bonefeld, Richard Gunn, and Kosmas Psychopedis
ed. _Open Marxism_ (2 volumes, Verso, 1992).

[btw, weren't you a graduate student for a while with Massimo?]

> You also make an interesting point that TSS is related to so-
> called Macro issues. I think we could get some interesting developments if we
> could get a panel together on this for next year.

Well, ... I'm a bit more interested in so-called "micro" topics and issues
associated with the state and the internationalization of capital now.

> Gerry, you wrote: "If, for instance, someone from a TSS
> perspective has written about the changing forms of competition in
> different branches of production under late capitalism (a micro
> subject) then I would be interested in reading that work (or works)."
> Yes, Eduardo Maldonado-Fihlo has written on
> that subject. I will send his paper to you.

I'll read it. Perhaps Eduardo could present an "abstract" on-list?

> I think your original question on what to teach in micro and IO is
> interesting and if I can get some time this summer I will put together
> a new syllabus for my undergraduate micro class that incorporates
> alternatives.

Let us know what happens. Others might have some suggestions.

> I have to run, all for now,

Me too.

In solidarity, Jerry