[OPE-L:6395] Re: [AJIT] Re: What do you teach in your micro and IO classes?

McGlownet (McGlownet@aol.com)
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 10:59:38 EST

I take it that you don't like standard micro or TSS but you teach
standard micro and refuse even to mention TSS. But TSS EXISTS and is not
limited to an interpretation of the transformation problem as your post seemed
to imply. Why exclude TSS just because you don't like it? Other people are
interested in it. TSS is debated publically and on OPEL as a significant new
development. Its proponents publish in book and journal form. Alan Freeman
and Andrew Kliman are well known for their organization of and participation
in a large segment of the Eastern Economic Association and other conferences.
Despite your sense that its meaninglessness, shouldn't your students be able
to make up their own minds on this? If you don't give them this opportunity
"along with your critique," then you are suppressing TSS.
You said in your post of March 9 that you think it is important to point out
that there are alternative paradigms to standard micro. TSS is one of those
paradigms whether or not you like it.