[OPE-L:6332] Multimedia Capital

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 11:38:09 -0500 (est)

While at the "Socialist Scholars Conference" in Manhattan yesterday I
noticed a product that may be of interest to listmembers. It is a
multimedia edition of Volume 1 of _Capital_. The CD-ROM (Version 1.0,
4/98, requiring Windows 3.1 or greater) contains the complete text of the
Moore & Aveling translation. It also includes some nice graphics and even
music. I was told that plans are afoot to also publish CD-ROMs for the
remainder of _Capital_. They (Cominsane Press) were selling the CD-ROM at
the conference for $10 -- but I don't know if that included a discount for
conference participants.

According to the flyer, with this product you can:

" * Perform a full text search of the entire text!

* Create electronic bookmarks!

* Create electronic annotations!

* Easily print out or copy the body of any chapter!

* Easily print out or copy any footnote (with a little finagling)!

* Put the entire Volume I of Capital in your back pocket (just don't sit

If you have a multimedia laptop, there is also the possibility of using
the graphics and sound effects in the classroom as special effects (my
idea, not theirs).

I have not used this product and can therefore not endorse it. However,
you can contact Cominsane Press for further ordering information at

In solidarity, Jerry

PS to Andrew: I had a very pleasant conversation with Anne at the
Socialist Scholars Conference. She said that I can "say whatever you want
to about Andrew so long as you say good things about the cats"!