[OPE-L:6320] Public Charges w Secret Evidence

John R. Ernst (ernst@PIPELINE.COM)
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 20:40:14 -0500 (EST)

Dear List Moderator Levy aka My Friend Jerry,

I am troubled by your public statement that someone quit the list because
of Andrew's style. To be sure, it may be true. But this is a truth
that only you and that someone know. If it is important for Andrew
to know this, why not write him privately without naming names? I assume
Andrew is not to be told who this someone is. Does he have a defense or
have we entered a land known only to Kafka and his "K"?

With Andrew, I have agreed on some matters and disagreed on others. When
we disagree, Andrew plays rough. Last year, in our exchange on depreciation,
he kicked me about quite a bit. But I learned a lot. That's why I am on
this list. Could he change his style and still help others to gain greater
insight into Marx? Perhaps. Indeed, if others are upset by that style, why
not communicate directly with Andrew about whatever bothers them? But let's not
put style over substance.

If it is his thinking that bothers people, why not issue a post or two
showing the error in his thinking? If we do not do this at all times,
we risk becoming simply a friendly group held together by some
religious-like acceptance of Marx, purging any heresy lest the
belief disappear. Modern Marxism has taken this road to nowhere all
too often.