[OPE-L:6297] Re: Historical, real and current costs

Michael Williams (Michael@MWILLIAM.U-NET.COM)
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 23:10:43 +0000

Rakesh wrote:
> I would like to speak to the historical cost debate in a roundabout way (I
> will suggest that such costs can be recovered, despite rapid technological
> progress, through the export of machinery to the dominated countries; and
> this serves as a very powerful counter-tendency to falling profitability).

Even within advanced capitalist nations there is a market for
technologically obsolescent machines for poorer customers. For
example, a near exact match for my aging PC (496SX33, 8MB RAM, 0.25GB
Harddisk etc) that I purchased in 1994 for 1200 is advertised by
flyers around our Uni for 200. I understand they are being assembled
by a student run company buying up motherboards and other components
that are no longer used even in 1998 entry-level machines. I am sure
someone must be doing the same for markets in the dominated nations.

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