[OPE-L:6279] Re: remembering a fallen comrade

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 13:05:36 -0500 (est)

*Does no one know*, (besides Chris who knows but isn't telling), *what
famous revolutionary died on yesterday's date (March 14)*?

Shouldn't we remember the fallen "genial" comrade?

... how quickly we forget ....

"The dead, the dead
will brace the arms of the revolutionary
sustain the voice of the multitudes
guide the plough of the countryman

the dead ...

who's going to hold the hands of the dead?"
(Fernando Gordillo Cervantes)

In solidarity, Jerry

PS: the answer isn't F.G. Cervantes

What famous revolutionary died on this date?

Of him it was written (by whom to whom?):

"Only one who was constantly with him can imagine what this man was worth
to us as a theorist and at all decisive moments in practical matters as
well. His genial views are going to disappear with him from the scene for
long years to come. Those are things which are still beyond the capacities
of the rest of us. The movement will take its course, but it will miss the
calm, timely and considered intervention which has saved it hitherto from
many a wrong and wearisome path."

The same person wrote to another (who?) on the same day:

"Without him we shall be stuck in the mire of confusion."

If you know who died on this date, how would you access the above quotes?
[E.g. what were his "genial views"? Were his interventions "calm, timely
and considered"? Are there _still_ "things which are still beyond the
capacities of the rest of us"? Are we, without him, "stuck in the mire of