[OPE-L:6268] RE: archives

andrew kliman (Andrew_Kliman@CLASSIC.MSN.COM)
Fri, 13 Mar 98 21:49:18 UT

I was surprised to learn that the archives were opened on a restricted basis
to Simon Mohun's student. Jerry says "it happened." I had assumed that it
didn't happen. I'd like to know more.

The last I remember reading about this issue was in Jerry's #3568, which I
interpreted as meaning that permission was not given. I see now that a
different interpretation is possible. In any case, I don't remember learning
that permission *was* given.

Simon's request was: "Does anyone mind if I let a beginning PhD student of
mine, who wants to work on the rate of profit, study the IVA, TSS, Value Added
debates that are currently underway?" Given that these debates may still be
underway, depending on one's interpretation, I'd like to know whether the
student is still receiving new posts. If not, when did the project begin and
end and (roughly) which posts did the student study? What use was made (is
being made) of them? Who decided which posts were (are) the relevant ones?
Simon, Jerry? Does the student's written work cite this material? If so, how
and where?

When I gave my assent in #3266, I noted that "I'd be interested in reading
this student's thoughts on the issues and happy to answer any questions s/he
may have." Was this communicated to him/her?

Thanks in advance,

Andrew Kliman