[OPE-L:6256] archives

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 09:14:28 -0500 (est)

Ajit wrote on Tue, 10 Mar:

> Hello All! I'm coming back after a few months, and don't know what has
> gone on while I was away. <snip>

Welcome back, Ajit!

> On a completely another note: Did we come up with any decision on ope-l
> archives? <snip>

To refresh everyone's memory:

1) The most recent discussion regarding whether the archives should remain
closed (i.e. for listmembers only) or be opened was in September,
1997. That discussion began with a proposal that I made on 9/13 (see

2) During September, there were 34 posts written by 18 listmembers re the
proposal on the archives. Approximately two-thirds of those responding
supported the proposal to open the archives. There was, however, a
significant and growing (i.e. relative to other times we discussed the
archives) minority who opposed opening the archives (and a couple of
other members had ambivalent feelings on the issue).

3) As I noted in "THE MONTH IN REVIEW [September, 1997]", I had hoped
that we would continue that discussion in October and come to a
decision -- aye or nay -- on the proposal. The anticipated discussion
in October did not materialize and the issue has not been discussed
on-list since.

4) Since the archives were closed prior to the proposal and since the
proposal was not decided upon (i.e. we did not have consensus and we
did not have a vote), the archives remain closed.

5) We do, however, have one precedent in which a listmember (Simon) asked
if a student of his could be shown some posts from the archives on a
specific subject. Since no one objected, it happened. I see no reason
why that could not happen again.

6) It seems to me that if we are to re-open this discussion then those
favoring opening the archives will have to respond more directly to
the concerns expressed by Duncan, Mike L, Paul Z, and others. I am
still of the opinion that a compromise is possible that will satisfy
everyone's concerns, but it will require a real attempt to reach a

I hope the above answers your question.

In solidarity, Jerry