[OPE-L:6235] THE MONTH IN REVIEW [February, 1998]

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 13:32:02 -0500 (est)


**** AT A GLANCE ****

Participation: 23 of 61 [37.7%]

Volume: 181 posts

New member: Leda Maria Paulani (Brazil)

Most discussed topics: "Marx and Historical Costs";
"Productive and Unproductive Labour";
"Disagreement or Dismissal?" (procedural)



A. Threads discussed at *greatest length* (20 or more posts):

o MARX AND HISTORICAL COSTS [continued; includes "historical,
real and current costs"; "addendum re Marx and 'historical
costs'"; "reposting of OPE 3507"; "historical costs (Fred)";
"stock-based and flow-based MELT"; and "what is the debate is
about?"] (-64- posts);

includes "how much value does productive labour add?"; "costs
of unproductive labor"; "unproductive labor and the 'Mage
heresy'"; "productive/unproductive again"; "persistence of
value"; "when are costs recovered?"; "response to Andrew Kliman";
"response to Jurriaan"; "response to Paul Cockshott"; "Laibman
said what?"; and "Kliman said what?"] (-36- posts).

B. Thread discussed *at length* (10-19 posts):

o NIPA [continued from January; frequently connected to issues
raised in the "productive and unproductive labour" thread;
includes "any which way but Marx's"; "is there a NIPA ideology?";
"Marxian empirical research"; "quantifying value"; "a consistent,
temporal, national accounting system"; and "consistent
periodization"] (10).

C. *Other topics discussed*:

o MOSZKOWSKA [inquiry re biographical information] (8);

o SPIRITO DI BERGAMO [continued];

o YACHTS AND CATS [out of "productive and unproductive labour"


o ZINN [inquiry re K.G. Zinn].

D. *Procedural discussions*:

o DISAGREEMENT OR DISMISSAL? [out of January "commodities/services"
thread; includes especially "SUGGESTED RULES OF THE GAME"; also
includes ""rules"; "'impractical' rules?"; etc.. Discussion about
whether additional rules are needed for this list. No decision
made on suggestion made by Alan on the 5th or vote taken].
(-35- posts).

E. *Announcement* to remember:

o CD-ROM VERSION OF LIST ARCHIVE (see Iwao's message on the 2nd
and/or write to him at <ikita@st.rim.or.jp>).

OVERALL, February was like a race that *started out quickly and ended
slowly*. In the first half of the month (Feb 1-14), there were 139 posts
authored. In the 2nd half of the month, volume diminished dramatically.
Perhaps part of the reason for the decrease in activity in the 2nd half
was that many listmembers were preparing to attend the IWGVT conference in
New York City. Coincidentally, the server at CSU went down (i.e. off-line)
at about the same time that the IWGVT started.

No doubt, many listmembers will be going home to their families and
computers shortly after the beginning of March and the end of the 1998
IWGVT. This will probably mean that volume will be relatively slow in
the first days of the month and then increase.

In solidarity, Jerry

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