Re: [OPE-L] Re: Disagreement or dismissal?

Michael Williams (Michael@MWILLIAM.U-NET.COM)
Sun, 8 Feb 1998 12:04:30 +0000

Jerry wrote, in response to a complaint from Andrew:
> Yes, you (and Alejandro R) are correct: the "mafia" phrase was originally
> used (perhaps in jest?) by Mike W.

I confess. It was intended to concede to TSS that I accepted that
they had been discriminated against not only by bourgeois academia,
but also by what could perhaps be identified (I do not now) as a
gatekeeping Marxist orthodoxy (or perhaps several co-orthodoxies).

The fault is mine, it was an ill-chosen phrase in this context of
such prickly sensibilities (not excluding mine).

Can we get back to work now?
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