Re: [OPE-L] [RICCARDO] Moszkowska
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 11:04:42

Hi Ricc:

> Alejandro,
> I do not understand from one of your posts if
> >- Das Marxsche System. En Beitrag zu dessen Ausbau, Berlin, 1929.
> is translated in Spanish, or not.

Yes, it is. I quoted the title in German, as did Juriaan with the
other books. Sorry.

The reference is: El sistema de Marx. Un aporte a su construccion,
Cuadernos de Pasado y Presente, No 77, Mexico, 1979. I guess there is
also an Italian version because the people of this editorial made a
lot of Spanish versions of books which have come out in Italy in
those (happy?) years.

> In the book about crisis theory there should be an introduction by
> Sergio Bologna. Does he gave some biographical informations?

Yes, in the Spanish version of the book about crisis, there is an
introduccion written by Bologna in the 70s, but it has no a piece of
biographical information. It is a critique of Mozskowska''s positions
in the light of the historical conditions in which the book was
written (Germany in the 30s).

> If not, I may ask Segio where to find them.

Thanks for your offer!

Alejandro Ramos