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jurriaan bendien (
Fri, 6 Feb 1998 23:52:31 +0100

Dear Alejandro,

A good question, which I am also interested in. The only works I know of by
Moszkowska are Zur Kritik moderner Krisentheorien (1935), Zur dynamik der
Spaetkapitalismus (1943), and Die
kriegskapitalistische Aera (1952). I have a vague memory that a book of
hers was translated into English and published by Ink Links in Britain, but
I could be mistaken. I'll check it out, next time I am at the International
Institute for Social History.

Jurriaan Bendien

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> Subject: Moszkowska
> Date: Thursday, February 05, 1998 11:23 PM
> Dear friends:
> Does someone know anything about Natalie Moszkowska? I mean, does
> someone have any biographical information?
> Regards,
> Alejandro Ramos