Re: costs of unproductive labor

jurriaan bendien (
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 17:27:28 +0100

Thanks Fred for your comments. You write:

> you seem to argue further that the costs of unproductive
> labor in the current period are recovered, not out of the surplus-value
> produced in the current period, but out of the surplus-value of the
> NEXT period.

No, that was not what I intended to convey, rather that these costs were
treated for accounting purposes as transferred from a PREVIOUS period of
accumulation (from previously realised surplus-value) if anything. The
argument being that in order to appropriate a fraction of current
surplus-value, capital in the sphere of circulation and services must have
an amount of capital already, i.e. it must advance that capital for a
start, engage (unproductive) workers and so forth. I was furthermore
arguing that since circulation activities and many services are costs (faux
frais) to capital as a whole, it is inappropriate to regard the incomes
associated with these activities as components of new (current)


Jurriaan Bendien.