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andrew kliman (Andrew_Kliman@CLASSIC.MSN.COM)
Mon, 2 Feb 98 05:04:17 UT

I hope to have more to say later about the PIAF:

From: on behalf of Michael Williams
Sent: Sunday, February 01, 1998 7:27 PM
Subject: Re: [OPE-L] [JERRY] Disagreement or dismissal? [was:commodities/

But, in the meantime, just one point.

Mike writes: "TSS may have been 'suppressed' (by US 'radical economics'
gatekeepers?) ...."

The TSS interpretation has been -- and is currently being --suppressed (what's
with the scare-quotes?), by devotees of "Marxian economics," by devotees of
the surplus approach, and by mainstream economists, BOTH in the U.S. and

This is no big deal in itself. Who are we, after all? The important thing is
that this suppression is a way of suppressing MARX's own body of ideas,
including his own value theory.

Andrew Kliman