Re: Draft EEA paper, Part 2

Tsoulfidis Lefteris (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 13:38:01 +0200

Reading Kliman's paper (I admit not thoroughly) I have two comments.

The first by no means specific to the paper but general and has to do
with the realism of the numbers used. A numerical example to have any
validity must be representative or typical of a situation and not one
that will give the results that the researcher would like to obtain.

In the case of typical numerical examples in studying problems such as
those of Kliman I think that input-output data of manageable dimensions
must be used. Perhaps super aggregated models of two or three sectors.
Once this is done then I think that it is impossible to find situations
such as those that he describes. It could be argued that the level of
aggregation might be too high but it seems to me that even more detailed
input-output tables do not convey the information that Kliman's
numerical examples claim.

The second problem has to do with prices, Kliman finds negative profits
assuming prices to be of particular numerical value. Well one sould not
suppose prices but rather arrive at them.

In Solidarity