New book(s) on Marx just printed

riccardo bellofiore (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 10:46:54 +0100

Two volumes of a new book on Marxian Economics, edited by me, has just been
printed by Macmillan/St Martin's Press this January. (Unfortunately, £ 55

For those who may be interested, here below there si the table of contents
of the two volumes.

*** Marxian Economics: A Reappraisal. Vol. I
Essays on volume III of Capital: Profits, Prices and Dynamics

0. Riccardo Bellofiore, Introduction

A. Method and Value

1. Chris Arthur, Engels, Logic and History: On the Logical Structure of
Marx's Capital
2. David P. Levine, The Structure of Marx's Argument in Capital
3. Gilbert Faccarello, Some Reflections on Marx's Theory of Value
4. Riccardo Bellofiore & Roberto Finelli, Capital, Labour and Time: The
Marxian Monetary Labour Theory of Value as a Theory of Exploitation
5. Marco Guidi, Land Rent and the Logic of Capital
6. Jack Amariglio & David F. Ruccio, The Dis(orderly) Process of Capitalist
7. Ernesto Screpanti, Towards a General Theory of Capitalism: Suggestions
from Chapters 23 and 27

B. Money

1. Bertram Schefold:The Relation Between the Rate of Profit and the Rate of
Interest: A Reassessment after the Publication of the Critical Edition of
the Third Volume of Das Kapital
2. Heiner Ganssmann, The Emergence of Credit Money. Social Measurement and
Social Learning in Marx's Theory of Money.
3. Carlo Benetti & Jean Cartelier, Money, Form and Determination of Value
3 bis. Augusto Graziani, Monetary Economy and the Utility of Money: a
Comment on the paper by Carlo Benetti and Jean Cartelier
4. Suzanne de Brunhoff, Money, Interest and Finance in Marx's Capital
5. Ferdinando Meacci, Fictitious Capital and Crises
5 bis Riccardo Bellofiore, Marx's Theory of Money and Credit Revisited: a
Comment on the papers by Suzanne de Brunhoff and Ferdinando Meacci
6. Nelson Prado Alves Pinto,The Finance Capital Revisited
7. Henk W. Plasmeijer, Marx on the Natural Rate of Interest. Did Marx hold
a Monetary Theory of Income Distribution?
8. Duncan K. Foley, Asset Speculation in Marx's Theory of Money
9. Claudio Sardoni, Marx's Theory of Money and Interest. A Re-consideration
in the Light of Robertson and Keynes
10. L. Randall Wray, Preliminaries to a Monetary Theory of Production: the
Labour Theory of Value, Liquidity Preference, and the Two Price Systems

*** Marxian Economics: A Reappraisal. Vol. II
Essays on volume III of Capital: Profits, Prices and Dynamics


0. Riccardo Bellofiore, Introduction

A. Prices and Values

1. Meghnad Desai, On Profitability, Prices and Values
2. Fred Moseley, Marx's Logic in Capital and the "Transformation Problem"
3. Andrew Kliman,Value, Exchange Value, and the Internal Consistency of
Capital, Vol. III: A Refutation of Refutations
4.Richard Wolff & Bruce Roberts & Antonio Callari,The Transformation
Trinity: Value, Value-Form, and Price
5 Carole Biewener, Socially Contingent Value
6 Paul Cockshott & Allin Cottrell, Does Marx Need to Transform?
7. Chai-on Lee,The Distinctions Between Social Value, Individual Value,
Market Value (a False Social Value) and Market Price in Marx's Third Volume
of Capital
8. Guglielmo Carchedi, Time and Equilibrium in Neo-classical Price Theory
and in volume III of Capital

B Dynamics

1. Heinz D. Kurz, Marx on Technological Change: The Ricardian Heritage
2. Alan Freeman, A General Refutation of the Okishio's Theorem and Proof of
the Falling Rate of Profit
3. Stephen Cullenberg, Recasting the Marxian Debate over the Falling Rate
of Profit: Decentering the Capitalist Enterprise and the Contradictory
Movement of the Rate of Pofit
4 Geert Reuten, Destructive Creativity: Institutional Arrangements of
Banking and the Logic of Capitalist Technical Change in the Perspective of
Marx's 1894 Law of Profit
5. Joseph Halevi & Peter Kriesler, Marx or Hicks? Structural Proportions
and Crisis: The Transition from the First to the Third Volume of Capital

C Empirical Approaches

1. Gérard Duménil & Dominique Lévy, The Dynamics of Historical Tendencies
in the Third Volume of Marx's Capital
2. Anwar Shaikh, The Empirical Strength of the Labor Theory of Value
3. Simon Mohun, Unproductive Labour and the Rate of Profit in Australia
3 bis. Alan Freeman, The transformation of prices into values. Comment on
papers by Simon Mohun and Anwar Shaikh
4. Massimo De Angelis, Burning Questions of an Old Book: Class Struggle,
Commodity Fetishism, and New Society in Marx's Volume Three of Capital
5. Meghnad Desai, Profitability and the Persistence of Capitalism