The mysterious NIPA(2)

Alan Freeman (a.freeman@GREENWICH.AC.UK)
Fri, 09 Jan 1998 17:17:01 +0000

I'm afraid all my attempts to send my second NIPA contribution have
failed, and I don't want to send #3 until #2 has gone. The basic
problem is not that it is long, but that it is a formatted file
containing graphics. It seems there isn't any way to get that to
list members.

The contribution was an actual analysis of the UK accounts, with
some suggested argumentation, which is to be published by a group
called the radical statistics society. Since the piece contains
some of the arguments I wanted to refer to, it seemed the simplest
thing just to send the (3000-word) article. Now it seems that this
wasn't the simplest thing at all, so I'll have to rethink.

Instead I've placed it on my website in the research section:
anyone interested can download it (I hope) from

I'll have a go at recasting the article, or at least parts of it,
as unformatted text. Watch this space

Season's greetings