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Michael Williams (Michael@MWILLIAM.U-NET.COM)
Wed, 7 Jan 1998 22:31:11 +0000

This is just to let you all know that all my current teaching
materials are now available on my web page
<http://www.mk.dmu.ac/~mwilliam>. They include complete materials
for: a full semester Masters Module on Marxist Economics; half a
semester 3rd year u/g Module on Philosophy of Social Science, half a
semester 2nd year u/g Module on Intermediate Microeconomics - Game
Theory, a full semester 2nd year u/g Module on Public Economics
(Public Expenditure and Microeconomic Policy) and a full semester
first year u/g Module on Microeconomic Behaviour (Introductory

The idea is that these are freely available to colleagues in case
they have to prepare some teaching in a hurry, or if they are looking
for a new angle, etc.

Any comments welcome.

Comradely greetings for the New Year
"Books are Weapons"

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