[OPE-L:5666] Re: "Capitalist Production"

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Mon, 3 Nov 1997 07:28:47 -0500 (EST)

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John asked on Mon, 3 Nov 1997:

> In the edition of CAPITAL Vol I that I use (International Publishers),
> there is a title page, CAPITALIST PRODUCTION, inserted between the
> chapter on the division of labor and the one on machinery. Does
> anyone know how and why the page was included? Note it is not part of
> the Penguin translation.

I don't know the answer to your question (yet), but I wanted to add a few
notes to the "mystery":

Note 1: In the International Edition, the title on p. 1 of Volume 1 is
"Book I. CAPITALIST PRODUCTION" Note it says "book", not "part"
(the "part" is on "Commodities and Money") or "volume."

Note 2: In the "Table of Contents" on p. vi between Ch. 14 and Ch. 15
it is written: >>> "VOL. II". <<<< It is this which is then
labeled on p. 365 as "CAPITALIST PRODUCTION".

Note 3: This seems to be an issue in the International edition alone, as
these distinctions do not appear in the Kerr (or the Verr
Ullstein 1969 German) edition either.

I'm guessing that either Hans or Michio knows the answer to your question.

In solidarity, Jerry