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Rakesh wrote:

> Dear Mike (one of my favorite OPE people whose posts are always read and
> reread--even the one you just resent me!),

Thank you for that.
I think it is the new server, Galaxy, that is re-sending things, not
me ...

> By the way, have you read Postone's book

No - but its on my list.

> But I disagree with the claim:
> "A. It is inappropriate for socialists to hanker after some golden
> era of capitalism when there were many more 'real' jobs in
> manufacturing (often suitable for 'real men', ... but that is another
> story), as opposed to inadequate service sector jobs."
> It is certainly an appropriate critique of capital to note the incline in
> the ratio because this is one of the causes, along with upward pressure on
> the OCC, for crisis and violent reorganization and expansion of capital on
> a world basis. From the pt of view of attempting to explain capital
> dynamics and crisis, I don't see how why you question the import of the
> distinction.

My question was not about the import, but, more fundamentally, about
the sustainability of the distinction

> But the point is that without crisis, global
> in scope that forces us to think of capital as a totality, there will be no
> real need to rethink of a truly new society. And that is the primary
> purpose of the unprod/prod distinction--the explanation of the kinds of
> crisis which will drum dialectics into the head of even left business
> observers.

I think you are talking here of a crisis manifestation of the
contradiction, not *of* capitalism, but between capitalism and (in
brief) 'humanity'
> This may be true, but most of this can be only be financed out of surplus
> value, correct?

I think if you were to explain a bit why you say this, It might help
me to see where you are coming from.

> ps I have been to the web site but my computer can't read all the files I
> downloaded.

Thanks for your interest.
You need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a *free* price of software,
available from many places on the net. There is an icon just under
the contents list on the front page of my site that will take you to
one of them.

PS - sorry about the very brief responses, I am a bit overloaded at
the moment ... .
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