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Ale writes

> But Marx defines money as a "*general* commodity", and I wish to
> stress here the word *general*. General is the *negation* of any
> *particular* thing, in this case, any particular commodity. Its like
> we have the "general cat" although in this case we have actually the
> "general commodity" as a real thing, while the "general cat" is only a
> Platonic abstraction.
> Marx says that money has only a *formal* use value, derived from its
> social functions, with is enough to understand that it is not a
> commodity like "corn", "rice", etc.
> So, trying to respond Jerrys interesting question: There is no such
> "transformation from the money commodity to money in non-commodity
> form" neither historically nor theoretically. From the beginning
> money is the negation of commodity and thus a "non-commodity".
Just so - you don't need to read my paper, Ale!
"Books are Weapons"

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