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> Questions on Mike Williams's PIAF:
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> > Abstract: From extensive reference to Marxs work, set in the context
> > of well known episodes in the historical development of capitalist
> > money, it is argued that Marxs account of money is ambiguous. He
> > clearly explicitly espouses both a commodity theory of money
> Is a "commodity theory of money" the same as a "theory of commodity-
> money" or a "theory of money-commodity"?

Greetings Ale!
Although not posing precisely these questions, I think I answer them
in the paper:

What 'Marx does not need', imo, is a theory that:

1. insists that the money-object be a commodity. That is, whilst it
typically will be a commodity, the commodity nature of the money
object (however complex) is not germane to its social functions as

2. and/or insists that money in the bourgeois epoch must be
ultimately backed by a commodity. (For example, I am arguing against
Milton Friedman's insistence that the capitalist world monetary
system will ultimately collapse if we do not invent a replacement for
the gold-standard.)

Thus I am arguing that Money is necessarily located in the capitalist
value-form system multilaterally through its social functions, rather
than unilaterally through the abstract labour needed to reproduce the
money-commodity, and that (therefore) the system in principle needs no
bullion backing.
> Could you send me a copy of your paper?

Will do
"Books are Weapons"

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