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Jerry wrote:
> PS: volume and participation have been way down this month. Suggestions
> for new threads are always welcome. Perhaps some of you have some
> research-in-progress or a draft of a paper that you would be willing to
> share with us?

The latest draft of the paper on Money that I presented to IWGVT '97
(now called 'Why Marx does not need a Commodity Theory of Money')
has recently been posted on my web page
<http://www.mk.dmu.ac.uk/~mwilliam>. It is still not finished, but it
is much more tightly argued than the IWGVT '97 version. I would be
happy to discuss any aspect of it with anyone.

Shortly I will post to OPE-L an outline of the argument,
which might get things going. In the meantime, here is the abstract:

Abstract: From extensive reference to Marx's work, set in the context
of well known episodes in the historical development of capitalist
money, it is argued that Marx's account of money is ambiguous. He
clearly explicitly espouses both a commodity theory of money and some
richer value-form account. It is the latter, I argue, that is
congruent with modern social forms and functions of money. I show that
the logic of Marx's categorical system, fortunately for modern Marxist
accounts, does not need a commodity theory of money. This latter, it
is speculated, is perhaps a historically understandable mistake by

Anyone who wants to read the paper and cannot access the web, please
let me know and we can make other arrangements.
"Books are Weapons"

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