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Fifth IWGVT Mini-conference on value theory at the EEA, Crowne Plaza
Manhattan, New York February 26th -March 1st 1998

NOTE: EEA Convention is one month earlier than usual. Please pay careful
attention to deadlines.

Call for Papers

We invite you to participate in the fifth "New Directions in Value/Price
Theory" mini-conference at the Eastern Economic Association conference to be
held between February 26th and March 1st 1998 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel,
Manhattan, New York (USA). The conference is organized by the International
Working Group on Value Theory.

The IWGVT aims to promote pluralistic debate on concepts of value, seeking
particularly -- but not exclusively -- to deepen the discussion of value
concepts appropriate to dynamic analysis, and to end the unacceptable
exclusion of the value theory of Karl Marx from existing debates.

The principal justification which economics offers for excluding its foremost
critic is the proposition that, whatever the merits of his contribution on
individual issues, his concept of value is invalid because it leads to
internal inconsistencies. A growing body of independent research shows that
this argument is no longer sustainable. We conclude that the discussion on
value should re-open without the presupposition of any established standard,
tradition or source of authority regarding either value or Marx.

The IWGVT defends no particular theory of value beyond arguing that the
concept itself is indispensable. It does believe it is possible to assess the
merits of contesting theories in debate. It seeks to create an atmosphere for
this debate -- which does not at present exist -- such that all value
theories, and all readings of value theorists, may discuss on an equal
footing, referring in their support neither to the evidence of authority nor
the conviction of doctrine but to reasoned and logical discussion based on
textual evidence for readings and factual evidence for theories.

Four successive conferences have provided a widespread, gratifying and
international response to our initial appeal, steadily enlarging not only the
number of participants but the breadth and range of the theoretical positions
represented, and the quality of the engagement between them. Our major
objectives for next year's conference are to foster:

(a) inclusive dialog among all bodies of economic theory critical of the
conceptual framework of competitive general equilibrium;
(b) focussed debates on, or detailed examination of, specific issues from past


To this end we will facilitate conference sessions of two types: standard
conference panels, as well as plenary sessions. Because of the size the
conference has now reached, some parallelism between the standard panels may
be unavoidable. The plenary sessions, however, will not clash with other
mini-conference events. Plenaries will focus on issues of that have proven to

be of central concern within value theory, such as one or more of the

*Historical-time Perspectives on Capital Theory

*Historical-time Perspectives on Money

*Internal (In)Consistency of Marx's Own Value Theory

*Labor-time vs. Use-Value as Determinants of Profitability and Economic Growth

Individuals interested in participating in one of these potential plenary
sessions, or who desire more information about them, should contact the
co-organizers as soon as possible. Those interested in discussing other
topics are encouraged to propose complete panels; abstracts of individual
papers are also acceptable. The co-organizers may be able to assist with the
formation of complete panels.

Deadlines and instructions to participants

To facilitate discussion we aim, as in the past, to ensure the widest possible

pre-circulation of conference papers to participants. The success of past EEA
mini-conferences has hinged on the engagement of speakers with each others'
views and the pre-circulation of materials, neither of which are entirely
normal in academic debates; participants should be aware of this departure
from traditional practice. To this end we propose the following deadlines:

Deadline for abstracts to be considered for presentation: November 1st
Speakers in panels to be informed by November 15th
Deadline for papers: January 15th

The criteria for selection of both papers and panels will be the quality of
the proposals and the degree of engagement between participants. As proposals

are put to us, we will try to keep them posted electronically (see below), so
that would-be presenters can identify the topics emerging as issues of concern

to other participants.

Distribution of materials from past and future conferences

An electronic list has been established to distribute information concerning
the IWGVT and its conference activities, which serves also to distribute some
of the materials by e-mail, on request. The volume of material is not large.
To join, send a message containing the words

join econ-value Your Name

(the words "Your Name" should be replaced by your actual name), to


Materials from past EEA mini-conferences may be obtained from this list
(instructions will be sent on joining), or on request from the organizers, or
may be viewed on the following sites:


As the preparation of the conference advances we hope to keep this
periodically updated.

How to apply

Proposals, informal suggestions, and abstracts should be sent or E-Mailed to

Andrew Kliman
Dept. of Social Sciences
Pace University
861 Bedford Road
Pleasantville, NY 10570 USA
Tel: 1 (914) 773-3951

Membership and Financial appeal

Conference papers will be circulated to anyone who registers as an IWGVT
member by filling out the form attached to this appeal. If you have already
supplied these details you need only fill in your name, so that we know you
wish to be in receipt of 1998 materials. The IWGVT is run on a voluntary basis

and its costs greatly exceed its income. We have no formal fee but suggest an
annual donation of $15 or 10 UK pounds. Larger sums will not, of course, be

Alan Freeman, co-organizer, IWGVT Andrew Kliman, co-organizer, IWGVT

(form attached; not reproduced here for space reasons)