[OPE-L:5300] Re: ideal vs. real value

Chai-on Lee (conlee@chonnam.chonnam.ac.kr)
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 00:56:41 -0700 (PDT)

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At 03:15 97-06-20 -0700, Mike William wrote:

>>Quite! I made a mistake in the last post. To the definition of commodity,
>>neither value nor use-value is crucial. But the value-form is the most
>>crucial because the non-labor products that have no value can take the
>>value form being sold and bought with money.
>>Sometimes, ill trained customs makes me to commit such mistakes.
>>In solidarity,
>Michael W:
>Welcome aboard, Chai-on; I always new you were a Value-form theorist!


The value form theorists does not admit the form of value is one thing and
the substance of value is another. They do not acknowledge the substance of
value but I do. Moreover, the definition of commodity as the form of value
is not identical to the definition of value as the form of value.



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